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April 2013

Concept & Direction by Mollie Wolf

Photography by John Regalado & Danny Beard

Dance by Mollie Wolf

Editing by John Regalado

Music by Albert Mathias & The Bulgarian Voices

a durational dance film exploring grief.

"I'm constantly holding my breath.

Sometimes it's out of shock,

sometimes it's out of anticipation of what is to come,

sometimes it's because I'm concentrating too hard on the task at hand,

and sometimes I simply forget

to take my next inhale.

"I'm waiting for this breathing pattern 

to happen naturally,

but its something my body and mind

have difficulty navigating

while my soul is currently so preoccupied.

"Sometimes I try to imagine

the smell of carbon and sulphur;

the thickness of the air

and the way it gets caught in my throat.

The graceful way the dust from the ground floats 

with each step

or gust of wind.

Handling the unrecognizable remnants

still hot to the touch...

"But the whole thing exists

in an untouchable, unreachable


a surreal reality."

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