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...And All the Numbers Inbetween
April 2014

Choreography by Mollie Wolf

Performance by Venese Medovich & Claire Zavislan

Music by Mike Wall


It is so easy to outline the course of our relationship—to define the key moments and string them together into a script.  But I don’t care about the script.  I’m stuck on these: the layered, nuanced, inexpressible, and indefinable moments that I return to in my daydreams and that I replay in my mind as I drift to sleep—the moments that ultimately embody our ever-evolving relationship and the entangled emotional attachment I have to it.

Three duets were performed by the same two dancers and distanced throughout the evening of pieces with the intention that the audience would view the developing relationship through windows of time, giving them the opportunity to fill in the space between with their own story and emotional content.  Each duet explored complicated moments—the layered, nuanced, inexpressible, and indefinable moments that embody an evolving intimate relationship.

One: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The swing.  The all-encompassing.  The extremes and the in between.  Tumbling and turning through inertia and adrenaline because nothing ever goes quite as planned.


Two: Eyes Closed, Listening

With each exhale you release what was once yours.  You’re empty and raw and exposed.  Here you’re new—riding the wave of another who is just as new to this world as you.


Three: Enough

What it was, was enough.

Funded and presented by Ormao Dance Company

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