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Avant Guerre
November 2011

Choreography by Jadd Tank & Mollie Wolf

                           with contribution by Courtney McGuire

Soundscape by Albert Mathias

Video by John Regalado

Performance by Taylor Augustine, Margaret Behm, Charlie Dando, Skye Hughes, Annie King, Jacie Kreiger, DeShawn Marshall, Sexton McGrath, Courtney McGuire, Jadd Tank & Mollie Wolf

An evening-length interdisciplinary dance production presented as part of the ATLAS Artist Residency program. Avant Guerre plays as an abstract narrative: a torn people, an exchange of power, building political tension, a young and naïve leader, an encounter with war, and the conflict between anger and duty. The work explores the negotiations women in places of political power have to make within times of war, and the ways that the female identity interacts with violent culture.


Funded and presented by WolfTank Productions, the ATLAS Institute & the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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