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Here are a few of the many other projects I've joined.

You & Me

You & Me is a performance series in which a collective of performance artists share with a community an evening of dances in alley-ways and on rooftops, one-on-one intimate moments, and a silent family-style dinner.


The best way to describe You & Me is that it is like going to summer camp for three hours--you're given the chance to leave your normal setting and create instant relationships with strangers.  And that's why I keep joining You & Me over and over.  I learn so much about myself everytime.


Want to find out more?

Here's our website:

Photography by Garret Mynatt

Wild Heart

Wild Heart, based in Denver/Boulder, CO, is a performance collective created by Kat Gurley.  The ensemble uses dance and physical transformation as the sole vehicle for performance.  For intangible beauty and unspoken truths, they head straight for the source, operating under the belief that the body contains the answers and has the ability to set the mind free.


I performed with Wild Heart in its first two seasons, 2013 & 2014.


Here is our website:

Legitimate Bodies

Founded in 2007, Legitimate Bodies Dance Company is a choreographic collaboration by Cristina Goletti and Nick Bryson.  Located in Birr, Ireland, Legitimate Bodies creates, performs and tours contemporary dance across the globe.  As the resident company of Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, the company is committed to education and outreach, creating momentum for contemporary dance in the Midlands of Ireland.


I have joined Legitmate Bodies for two projects: Mollie & Charlie, 2011 and Second Hand Landscapes, 2012 .


Yes, that is me in the pig suit :)

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