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dreams of a gathering space…

At the beginning of this month, I attend a conversation that adrienne maree brown had with Columbus College of Art & Design. After it ended, I felt invigorated, empowered, hopeful. Many of the strings of research and life approach that she shared were familiar to me, as I have been practically obsessed with her work lately. But no matter how many times I hear her sharings, they strike me with deep profundity every time. Toward the end of the conversation, a.m.b. responded to a question about what she envisions as the ideal physical space for communal somatic practice and healing to take place. As she spoke, my heart was a flutter because every aspect she described was a key aspect in the dream space that I imagine myself creating in the future:

a big open space with lots of natural light,

space that allows for people to sit and be in whatever ways are physically comfortable for them,

space with good acoustics,

space big enough for everyone to be in one circle,

access to natural water,

access to the sky,

access to the earth,

relationship to non-human life.

My partner and I have dreamed about a space like the one a.m.b. described for years. We’ve been calling it ‘the land’ because for us, relationship to land, to nature is a central aspect. We imagine creating a gathering space for communities to heal together, to be in nature together, to sing, move, create, and dream together. It’s what I imagine us working toward when I finish my grad program, and what I imagine being the most fulfilling project for my life. 

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