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November 2014

Photography by Alberto Leopizzi

Choreography by Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb & Mollie Wolf

Performance by David Foster, Benny James, Kerry O'Brien, Jessica Russ & Claudia Van Poperingen

Soundscape by Glen Whitehead

Within A Moment Sustained, an evening-length, instillation-based work, encouraged the audience to find patience and curiosity as five individuals caused the room to slow, encapsulating the details of passed time and allowing themselves to settle—settle into a new mode: one of discovery, attention to detail, and willingness to experience the present moment.  The dancers played between known movement phrases and improvisation as they provided a bridge between the audience and the detailed, heavy and anchored artwork in the space.  Charles Parson’s large-scale, architectural structure and detailed landscape surroundings provided the dancers with layered nuance, allowing them to play with perspective: of self, of others, of surroundings, of distance and proximity, of lightness and weight, and of time.  Created in collaboration with Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb, with soundscape by Glen Whitehead. 


Funded and presented by Ormao Dance Company and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

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