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Founded in 2009.



Mollie Wolf &

Jadd Tank.



Photography by Christine Labban

WolfTank Productions is a collaborative interdisciplinary arts production company lead by the dance artist-duo, Mollie Wolf and Jadd Tank.  Through WolfTank, Jadd and Mollie produce multi-media performance events with local and international artists of varying disciplines.  Concerned with current public affairs, WolfTank engages in cross-cultural discourse through artistic commentary of popular culture, social phenomena, and political trends.  WolfTank has developed an artistic aesthetic that intersects with the Avant-Garde movement, operating within a modality that seeks to uncover humanistic truths through the absurd.  WolfTank's most recent project was a collaboration with film artist John Regalado and Lebanese rock/pop band Mashrou' Leila, a music video to be released later this year.  WolfTank has produced work in Boulder, CO and Birr, Ireland; and is currently working on their next evening-length work.  

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