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October 2014

Mashrou' Leila مشروع ليلى - Bahr بحر [feat. Erik Truffaz]
Official music video made in collaboration with Jadd Tank & Mollie Wolf

Concept & Direction by Jadd Tank & Mollie Wolf
Director of Photography - John Regalado 
B Cam Operator - Danny Beard
AC - Merritt Crocker
Special thanks to Alex Cox

Shot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera (with modified monochrome infrared sensor)

يا ليل إحجبني حجبني بعتمتك 
يا ليل إملئني قويني بعتمتك 
أخوي شاف السر شاف السر كان حيبوح 
أخوي جوا الموج جوا الموج عمبينوح

والصيادين نائمين

يا بحر رجعلي رجعلي أخوي 
الموج سرقلي خطفلي أخوي 
اخذته حد البحر خلي الموج يطهره 
أخذته حد البحر دبغت الموج بدمه

والصيادين غافلين خامدين نائمين

أخوي مع الحورية 
رجعوه لي 
الموج أخذلي أخوي 
رجعوه لي

أخوي راح مع الفجر 
لسا ما عاد لي 
أخوي بقعر البحر 
لسا ما عاد لي

Bahr (The Sea)

English translation

Oh night, shroud me; veil me with your darkness
Oh night, impregnate me; empower me with your darkness
My brother saw the secret; saw the secret he would've revealed
My brother, seized by the waves, seized by the waves as he squealed
And the fishermen just slept

Oh Poseidon return to me, return to me my brother
The waves have swindled me; have robbed me of my brother
I took him to the shore, so the waves may wash him clean,
And there upon that shore, stained the waves incarnadine.
And the fishermen just slept

My brother lies with the mermaids, bring him back to me
My brother was stolen by the waves, won’t you bring him back to me
My brother left me with the break of dawn, never to return to me
He lies upon the ocean floor, never to return to me

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