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Layers of Her Shadow
November 2014

Photography by Alberto Leopizzi

Choreography by Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb & Mollie Wolf

Performance by Kim Davagian & Venese Medovich

Soundscape by Glen Whitehead

Inspired by the reflective, light-manipulating artwork of Collin Parson, Layers of Her Shadow was an evening-length, instillation-based meditative duet exploring a multi-layered self reflection moving between past, present and future self.  Within the duet, the dancers wove through each other’s and their own inner tapestries of self-recollection and prospective self as they traverse throughout the corridor.  Surrounded by Collin Parson’s series “Reflections”, the dancers were faced with literal and imagined alternate versions of themselves.  The piece allowed the audience to witness the dancers create space for each other, care for one another, and guide each other into new states of consciousness.  Created in collaboration with Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb, with soundscape by Glen Whitehead. 


Funded and presented by Ormao Dance Company and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

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